Portable Heated Stadium Set

– USB Heated Seat up to 115 Degrees
– Comfortable High Density Foam Seat
– 4 Hidden Pockets for your valuables
– Cupholder for your hot or cold drinks
– Backpack Carry Straps

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Cup Holders

Large Hidden Cup Holder
Unzip elastic Cup Holder for
storage of up to 25oz drinks

Extra Storage

4 Hidden Zipper Pockets
Unzip a pocket and store your
valuables while you sit. Zip up
pocket when you don’t need it.

USB Heated

Low Voltage USB Heating
Simply Plug into any USB portable battery and heat for hours (Battery not included)

Comfortable on all surfaces

The high density foam used in The Hot Seat gives you extreme comfort for your tush. The padded armrests provide support of your back and body.

Temperature Controls


High 115°

Middle 110°

Low 100°

Battery Size 
Determines Heat Time

2500mAh Battery = 1.2hrs
5000mAh Battery = 2.2hrs
7500mAh Battery = 3.6hrs
10,000mAh Battery = 4.8hrs
15,000mAh Battery = 7.25hrs


Extra Wide Seat

Using the Arms Up gives you armrest support and a 16 inches wide seat.

Dropping the Arms Down gives you a 20 inch wide seat for more space. The water proof bottom ensures you stay dry.

Great for All Seasons

Yes, the Hot Seat can heat up your tush to keep you warm. But it is also a great summer seat for the beach or the park. Works great on any flat surface.

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