The Hot Seat
The Hot Seat
The Hot Seat
The Hot Seat
The Hot Seat
The Hot Seat
The Hot Seat

The Hot Seat

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The Hot Seat features adjustable USB-powered heating technology (portable USB battery not included). Safely envelopes the body for relaxation while warming your muscles at any outdoor or indoor event. A simple push of a button can warm up your seat up to a toasty 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Works with ANY USB battery pack and can last over four hours. Simply plug the USB cable into the USB Port of your battery and feel the warmth!

  • USB Heated Seat up to 110 Degrees
  • Comfortable High-Density Foam Seat
  • 4 Hidden Pockets for your valuables
  • Cupholder for your hot or cold drinks
  • Backpack Carry Straps

    USB Battery Power Bank NOT INCLUDED  

    2500mAh Battery = 1.2hrs  

    5000mAh Battery = 2.2hrs  

    7500mAh Battery = 3.6hrs  

    10,000mAh Battery = 4.8hrs  

    15,000mAh Battery = 7.25hrs   

    Frame: Welded Steel Tubes

    Foam: 30D Density

    Fabric Top: 210D Polyester

    Heater Cover Fabric: 600D Polyester

    Fabric Bottom: Waterproof 300D Polyester

    Fabric Bottom of Seat: Convex Point PVC (Waterproof & Grip)

    Zippers: Oversized #10

    Heater: Low Voltage USB: 5 Volt @ 1.45A 8W Total

    Heating Element: 6.5” x 9”



    Use With Any Powerbank

    2500mAh = 1.2hrs  5000mAh = 2.2hrs  7500mAh = 3.6hrs  10,000mAh = 4.8hrs  15,000mAh = 7.25hrs   

    USB Powerbank NOT Included


    works on any surface!

    Flexible, adaptable heated seating for the big game or a day at the park. Cushioned, supportive and reclinable, the Hot Seat has your back covered!